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Mispronounced Words, Steve Does Bad Impressions of Old TV Characters and Things That Make You Say I’m Just Too Old For This S##t


On this weeks alcohol-fueled show, we begin with a focus on words that are commonly mispronounced. We actually had a list that we were going by, but eventually went into some words that we had our own problems with.In the midst of this discussion, Steve starts doing impressions of old TV characters, and yes, they’re as bad as you think they are.  TJ joins in as well, and believe it or not, his are somehow worse.  All this makes Ben go on a search for a female comedian (which turns out to be Carol Channing), after one of Steve’s impressions of someone else reminded him of her.We then talk about things that make you say “I’m just too old for this $#*!” This led to some rambling on the subject, but, we’re old. Rambling is what we do.Then we finish out the show with some odd news stories and a discussion on Steve’s (alleged) love of geriatric pornography.


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Episode 79