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About us


For years we have dreamed of doing a morning radio show. Sadly, we are not talented. Regardless, we did it anyway. Since playing the lottery hasn’t allowed any of us to purchase our own spot on the dial, we turned to the Interwebs.

Now let’s be honest, we have no delusions of fame or grandeur, nor do we intend to become fabulously wealthy from this little venture. It’s really just about getting together and trying to make each other laugh. Kind of like a poker night, but we don’t play poker.

In our early episodes we had limited equipment, little knowledge, and few resources and that comes through in the audio quality. We can only apologize and promise that it gets much better.

If you’re one of our friends, there’s a good chance you’ll get mentioned at some point. If you have any reservations about your past, you’d better let us know.

Who does what; Tj lets us record at his house and does the production and some editing. Ben maintains the social networking, edits the final cut with Tj and creates all the graphics. Clif built and maintains the blog and submits the podcasts to the web. Steve drives to Hartsville and gets picked on.

Ben, Clif, Steve, and TJ.


Cowboyben   A direct descendant (don’t worry…if you forget, he’ll remind you) of the English Royal House of Plantagenet,  Ben Quick was born on July 7th, 1972 in Beaufort, SC, at the U.S. Naval Hospital.  With that being a military hospital, and Beaufort being near the ocean, Ben is pretty sure he was a pirate sea captain in a previous life (although that has nothing to with this bio).  He can’t wear hats (except for…the…uhh…hat in this photo) because his head is too big. He thinks it’s just because his brain is bigger than everyone else’s (but that’s probably not true either). Three of Ben’s favorite things in life are his family, University of South Carolina athletics, and spaghetti…but not always in that order.


Steve Crowley-Existentially languishing away in Columbia, SC, loves coffee, cats, smoking, and procrastination. He has a little black cloud that follows him everywhere he goes. Steve is also a 6 time “Columbia’s Most Miserable Person of the Year” winner.


Clif Wilson was born in Columbia, South Carolina on New Year’s Eve. Filled with regrets, he continues to wander the Earth, looking for the man who killed his family. 


TJ Lesieur.  A man born in SC and exiled to Massachusetts, only to return years later to claim his birthright. Actually, his parents just moved back to SC.  Bitten by the radio and entertainment bug (and probably many others) early on in life, he has risen to the rank of “D-list local semi-celebrity”. That is, if you consider being the grand marshal at the opening of a new Gas-n-Sip to be a big deal.

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