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The Gibson’s Annual Halloween Party, Playboy Goes Non-Nude and 25 Most Re-watchable Movies

This week, we start off with TJ proving that he’s the whitest guy you know. You’ll know it when you hear it. He actually admits it.

We open up with a discussion of what we did Friday night at Kreepy Hollow, (, and our ideas for what they can do beyond Halloween.

There’s also some discussion of Steve’s travels and how Ben and Clif could be included. Spoiler – It involves Steve being killed, skinned and used for his parts.

Then we talk about Saturday night. We all, well…except TJ of course, (you remember his 247 jobs, right?) went to The Gibson’s Annual Halloween Party and discuss this a bit. We had a great time and want to again thank Amy and Dewayne Gibson for the invite. We’re already looking forward to next year! Be sure and go by and drop off canned goods to be donated in the buckets that Amy has on the sidewalk, right on the corner of 5th St and Greenwood Ave.

Next, TJ brings up a tragedy…Playboy will stop featuring nudes. After much wailing, crying and gnashing of teeth, we go over a list of famous female celebrities that have appeared in it. Even Google a few. (Good choice)

Lastly, it’s another list (Surprise!). This time it’s the top 25 most re-watchable movies.

P.S. – There’s a shortage of pumpkins! Whatever will the hoodie, jeans, boots, bonfires and pumpkin spice crew do??

25 Celebrities that posed in Playboy

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Episode 88