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The 2nd Annual Day After Valentine’s Day Special or Whatever

Layla and Monica join us for this week’s show to give us our beatings concerning our responses to Layla’s article.

There’s a political discussion about the recent local rallies and Steve starts having his scheduled breakdown.

We play a big round of “Would You Rather?” and a short round of “Stump The Steve”.

 If you listen carefully to the show you will hear a reference to Steve ‘getting his’. As you can see from the photos below, he did. A special thanks to Layla and Monica for the stealthy application of Steve’s new JEEP LIFE windshield sticker. They adhered it in the dark, in 30 degree weather, and without getting caught. Steve didn’t notice it was there, even though we all walked out together following the show. We had to point it out.

That’s a lot of fun for 9 dollars.


That’s an enormous amount of lube.



Mad Scientist Muppet Steve.






Resigned to his fate.


Episode 105


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