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Our 2nd Anniversary

Welcome to our 2nd Anniversary Show! 52 weeks + 52 weeks = 2 years!

Actually, it sounds more spectacular than it is.  We pretty much drank all the alcohol and shot off all the fireworks for our 100th show.

Anyway, we start off with a story from Steve about a bar called [NAME REDACTED], where he had a run in with the bartender not serving him in a timely manner. Actually, she pretty much just ignored him completely, and then served and took selfies with people she knew.  Steve will no longer be going back to [NAME REDACTED] anytime soon, if ever at all.  The rest of us encouraged him to go to [NAME REDACTED}’s Yelp page and give them a scathing review, but he probably won’t.

(Note: After the podcast, Steve requested that we remove the name of the bar, hence the [NAME REDACTED]) 

Next, we have Steve respond to Layla’s top ten greatest bands of all time list with a list of his own! Turns out, Steve’s list isn’t all that bad, or nearly as obscure as he claimed it would be.

Then, at TJ’s request, we pick 5 band stickers for our windows, and afterwards, Then he decided we had to know what Billboard thinks are the Hot, Top, 100, 200…or something. Anyway, he read another list…or three.

I don’t really know. The rest of us fell asleep.

We end the show talking about “reality” shows, and just general banter. Tune in to find out what it consisted of!

Episode 104