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Easy Jobs, Mall Santas, and OFTU Plays Bean Boozled.

Ahhh!  This week, we’re finally back in the Shamrock Lodge and the palatial OFTU Studios!  So, the show quality should me MUCH improved!

Yeah…sorry.  It’s still pretty much the same.

With special guests Rebecca (TJ’s wife), Amy Myers Gibson, Sue Myers and Steve Kirkman-Howle in the studio audience, we started with our regular show open…until Crowley went off on a tirade!  You have to hear it to believe it! Actually, that won’t help.  We heard it, and we still don’t believe a word.  Apparently he was trying to be a bad ass…again.  And failed…again.

Ben goes through another Steve Crowley Complaints and Observations list.

TJ has us open up about whether or not we think we work hard and then shares a list of the easiest jobs that make the most money.  (Steve tries to convince us that his desk job is hard.  Whatever.)

There’s a list of strange things that mall Santas have have kids tell them.

Then, we play Bean Boozled!  Well, TJ, Rebecca and Steve Crowley did.  The rest of us abstained. 

Rebecca almost threw up.

Steve almost threw up.

TJ took everything and swallowed it all like a champ!  I mean…well…just listen.

Episode 94