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That One Weird Show They Did…

When we heard that both Ben and Tj were unavailable for this week’s show we were undaunted. We have a backup cast.

So, this time it’s a true group effort, including Dr. Layla, Monica (aka Nutmeg), Lori and William James, Steve, and Clif.

We begin with the horrible true story of Thanksgiving and that’s pretty much all the prep we did.

That leads us into a discussion of past road trips and adventures including The James’ trip to the Northeast and Steve’s past trip to New York.

Layla and Monica tell us how they won the prize for the best display/exhibit at their haunted house this Halloween.

Then Lori and William surprise Clif, Steve, and Layla with gifts they brought back.

Clif is rendered speechless and unable to read his present (although he was drinking the entire time) and Steve is enamored with his as well.

Is this our weirdest show? You tell us.

P. S. – Thanks to all the people who have used our Amazon link. You’ve purchased a second new microphone for the OFTU Podcast. We sincerely appreciate it.

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Episode 93