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A Very Special Episode of Only Funny To Us.

We’d like to start this weeks episode description with an apology and a warning.  First, if this episode seems to have no focus and ramble around, we apologize…and blame whiskey. Lots of whiskey. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to figure out where it kicks in, and who it kicked in for.

Secondly, this episode may not be as “squeaky clean” as you’re used to from us.  So, there’s your warning. 

Now, on to the show.

We decided…well, TJ decided, that we were going to have guests this week, which was fine.  So, joining us were Ashley Hall, Craig Auman and all the way from Wyoming, Neill Watson, who, incidentally, now holds the record for having traveled the farthest to appear on the podcast.

We start by recapping an amazing feat of psychic power by TJ. Well, ok. We mention something that is really just an amazing coincidence that TJ happened to say about the high school playoff game.  Anyway, after that, we go on to talk about old beach trip memories (which including drinking), some stories growing up (which included drinking), and just, well…other stuff.  There’s really no rhyme or reason.  So, just sit back, relax, and be glad your stories and memories don’t include any of us!


Episode 42