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Dr C & Dr Z Taste Southern Food

About a month ago we finally sent off the box of Southern and regional treats to Australia for our friends from the Dr. C and Dr. Z podcast to try.

This was the night we were able to Skype them in and have them taste everything that made it through the strict, Australian customs system.

Not everything made it, but that’s okay. We don’t plan to go all ‘Johnny Depp’ on them.

Sit back and enjoy a night (for us, a mid-morning for them) of trying to explain some of our foods and trying to understand their slang.

And hey, no lists…but there are Steve’s Wieners.

P.S.  All the previous Dr. Z and Dr. C podcasts are available here via Spreaker.

        And you can follow them here on Facebook

P.P.S. Skyping them in is likely to become a regular thing, so if you have questions about Australia that Google can’t answer, let us know.



A selection of the treats we sent to Melbourne.


Episode 121

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