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High School Yearbook Memories and Steve Gets Buzzed

  Tj returns as we’re back in the Shamrock Lodge this week and we brought our high school yearbooks.  Click here to see The Retrospect from 1990

  We have ads now as we’re sponsored by GingerTop Brands (website coming soon!).

  Steve and Clif have stories about what happened to their yearbooks and Ben and Tj read some signatures and quotes from theirs.  People you know may be mentioned.

  This prompts yet another rant about popularity and cliques from Steve.

  A lot was going on including a Facebook Live broadcast.

  Steve never told us her name, by the way.

  At some point we veered into old yearbook advertisers and if they still exist and post high school hookups.

  We introduce you to PostModern Jukebox.

  Steve TRIES to tell a story about Tj’s mom, Nancy.

Then we need to get serious and do a fair job of it.

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P.S. Just after this podcast, history was made.

1986 1987 1988 1989 1990


Episode 110

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