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Our First Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

We know what you’re thinking, and no, we didn’t think we’d make it this long either.

This week, we had a few in-studio guests that were along for the ride. We were joined by “Doctor” Layla Warren of the Society Hill Institute of Technology (Hair Care and Tire Center), friend of the program Monica D King, Steve’s wealthy benefactor Mr. William James (along with his video camera), and TJ’s wife Rebecca, aka Yoko.  John Specht had been there earlier in the evening, but had to leave before the recording started.
A lot went on in this show. A lot more than can be typed here.
  We’ll sum it up with this: Steve was drinking wine. Unbeknownst to Steve, his wine was spiked with Everclear. Steve got drunk and performed simulated acts of fornication on one of the guests. Curious?  Listen!
 We promise to return to censored, Safe For Work shows after this…
Episode 53

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