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Duck-Faced Selfies.

This week we find out we’ve received some fan emails. During the reading of these emails, we find out that Steve has a stalker and that Clif should never try to read emails (or anything else) on the podcast. Ever again. Like, never. We’re so serious. You have no idea.

Anyway, we also talk about Girl Scout cookies, which everyone loves…except…guess who. Yep. Steve.Then there’s a discussion of classic albums with anniversaries this year and more talk of Facebook.

One more item of note: Near the beginning of the podcast, Steve introduces us to a character named Peabo C. Beasley (the C apparently stands for Clyde).

The views and opinions expressed by one Steve Crowley (and/or Peabo C. Beasley, for that matter) represent their personal standpoints and in no way represent the opinions of the remainder of the OFTU cast.

Thanks and enjoy the show!
(The term “show” and “enjoy” are used very loosely)


Episode 48

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