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Food From The Land Down Under and crotchless panties

This has to be one of the most fun shows we’ve ever done.

 We received a package of Australian treats from Andrew and Warren in Melbourne and had an amazing time tasting it all. We can’t thank them enough for their friendship and  help with the show. Good on ya’.

And as a bonus, both gentlemen joined us from down under via Skype.

Try every one of these because Australians know how to make junk food.

Also, a bit of an explanation of some Aussie slang – Lollies = Candy, biscuits = cookies

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The Antz Pants Ad that Clif is obsessed with.

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

P.S. A new ringtone from this week’s show…

Here’s what we got and what we thought. Don’t forget to check out the YouTube video of Steve and Tj trying it all  (and the link will go here when it’s published)

Vegemite on toast with butter

Vegemite, salty, beefy, salty, and salty.


Barbecue Shapes, tastes like Combos on crackers.


Twisties, Cheetos that taste like cheese straws but better.


Tim Tams, you know that cookie you love? This is better.


Anzac biscuits, traditional oatmeal cookies


Wagon Wheels, you’ll give up Moon Pies for these.

cherry ripe

Cherry Ripe, a cherry infused Mounds


Caramel Crowns, shortbread cookie with caramel, covered in chocolate.


Clear sinuses.


Fantales, good firm caramel covered in chocolate and wrapped in movie trivia.


Milo, a drink mix, sort of…



Minties, a chewy Altoid


RedSkins, a cherry flavored chewy candy.

violet crumble

Violet Crumble, hard to describe. A light bar of Australia calls honeycomb covered in chocolate.


Iced Vovos, the cookie version of the Raspberry Zinger.


Episode 126

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