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Boogers, annoyances, and we’re off topic yet again.

Clif has a work story, we complete our list of annoyances, practical jokes and we wander off into the ether.


Steve’s nuts.

stickers2 (1) stickers2 (2)

saranwrap1 saranwrap2

Episode 10


Comments (8)

  1. William James

    Tomorrow’s People was on Nickelodeon

  2. William James

    I am not going to go to

  3. William James

    Why is Crowley’s car parked across the street from the Dept of Ed on Senate Street? Is he moonlighting in K-12 education?

  4. William James

    I remember when Scott Summers was my substitute music teacher when I was at North Hartsville. We played classic music like Super Freak in music class. If he had a twin it might have been the twin unless it wasn’t the same Scott Summers that was at Z103 then never mind.

  5. William James

    Cool Hand Stephen?

  6. Mary Lee

    placing stickers on the back of Crowley’s car…such a highlight of an evening!!!