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OFTU 119, An Evening at Krystie’s

Better late than never.

Krystie Foxx, The Foxx That Rocks, invited us to do the show from her place this week after TJ flaked out on us again. Apparently he has a family, 4 jobs, and responsibilities that we don’t. Maybe he has 4 families as well…we’re not sure.


Steve starts off the show and then entertains us with his impressions of famous people and THAT should not be missed.

In honor of TJ, Ben brought some lists with him.

Speaking of TJ, he was going to do a cameo on this episode, but it didn’t happen and we were not surprised.

What we were surprised at, however, was the announcement that Steve and Krystie got a thing, goin’ on…. It involves chiffon, port wine, and Martinizing.

Then we get distracted as usual, but we wheel it around to another list about passengers in your car.

If you haven’t read the article, “Steve Crowley, Secret Townie”, you can find it here.

Remember the Mike Hunt video? No? well, here ya go….

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Where would you go in a real zombie apocalypse?

We have the answers.

And if you see Steve, call him Chiffon.

Episode 119