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TJ’s An A-Hole, Steve Is Precious, Clif Is Drunk and It’s All Ben’s Fault – Part 1

Merry Christmas from Only Funny To Us! As a present to all of our listeners, we have made a podcast of operatic length. We split it into two parts for double the fun!

We are so happy to welcome Ramona Rice, The Sports Gal Pal, a fellow podcaster from the Internet.

We start off with how all of us got into podcasting and slide into why Tj is wrong to be a Patriots fan.

Ramona compares us to The Beatles and then makes a good case that she’s truly Southern.

Then things take a dark turn, she thinks Steve is the funny one.

Then we have our non-commercial commercial break.

And we return with Tj not listening and we discuss one of her episodes and guests.

Then sports…

Steve lists things he and Clif have in common and Clif makes an admission.

The subject of Tj’s back waxing comes up.


We then get to hear about Tj and Rebecca’s first and their last arguments.

Steve’s sexuality gets questioned. Again.

And the Peanut Butter Game gets explained.

We talk about South Carolina and future podcast plans are made.

Clif loses control, then we come up with a title and you’re ready for Part 2


You can listen to Ramona’s Show, The SportsGalPal at

Follow her on Twitter @SportsGalPal


Episode 97 part A




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