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TJ’s An A-Hole, Steve Is Precious, Clif Is Drunk and It’s All Ben’s Fault – Part 2

Part 2 of Episode 97, the conclusion.

Shawn’s penis, nudes of Steve, and the Mike Hunt Show.

IMG_20151205_232709 IMG_20151205_232625

IMG_20151205_232444 IMG_20151205_232316

Beer Pong, the old censored show and the never released, After Dark Episode, show demographics.

Steve’s big Trump supporter….

More Tj/Rebecca stories.

Can you motorboat butt cheeks?

We get busted by Rebecca for being too loud and Steve’s Annual Christmas Song Breakdown.

There’s a haunting rendition of “Baby, it’s cold outside”

And, we have a title.

Episode 97 Parts 1 and 2

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