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The Road to Barnwell

This weeks podcast is a little different.

As TJ was unavailable, and Clif is a BBQ-aholic, we decided this was the perfect time to take 3/4 of the OFTU cast out on the road for adventure and food!

Clif has had some personal experience with a BBQ restaurant in Barnwell, SC called Hogg Heaven. And, promising the food was worth the trip, he suggested that we head down there. Ben, also a BBQ lover, agreed.  Steve also agreed, but his reasoning had something to do with revisiting rest areas along the interstate.  Then he mumbled something about fond memories and drifted off into a daydream.

At any rate, Barnwell also happens to be Clif’s childhood home, making it a doubly special trip.  So, while we were there, we visited Clif’s childhood home, and saw the “Clif Wilson Once Lived Here” sign that was put up by the town.

Ok…the last part wasn’t quite true.  There is no sign.  But dammit, there should be.

We also drove through Timmonsville, Manning, Orangeburg, Denmark, Aiken, and went over the “big ass bridge” that spans Lake Marion.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the dulcet sound that is the OFTU Podcast!

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Episode 92