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Hugo Memories, Steve’s Blind Taste Test, and A Special Intermission

  We start off the show talking about the impending hurricane. You know…the one that we now know didn’t happen. Which in turn makes us nostalgic for Hugo, the storm we still talk about as we get old(er).

  Hearkening back to the days when we used to torture Steve, we decided to do it again.  Instead of tying him up and putting him in the trunk of a car, we decided to use food. This will go down in history as “The Tastening”, a day that will live in infamy. This turns out to be a true theater of the mind as we try to desperately try to describe the faces that Steve makes while being force-fed by a nurse with a tray full of plastic spoons.

We also have a big announcement! Clif has decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for President, choosing Steve as his VP. They have no party affiliation and really no platform, but as long as at least one of the two stays mostly drunk, they couldn’t do worse than the last 3 or 4 presidents have done.

  Oh, and there’s just one more thing.  Tonight, we have for you a BONUS podcast!  While we set up for “The Tastening”, we had to fill some time.

Unfortunately…err…luckily for you, we did this with an unreleased podcast, “Evening Coffee with Steve Crowley”.  Join Steve as he samples one of the  joys of his life (quite possibly the only one)…coffee.



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Episode 81