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Steve Wants Your Beer, Craigslist M4M Missed Connections and We Attend A Soccer Game

Reminder: This is an adult show. We make no apologies.

We start on an angry note yet again. Tj nearly has a stroke over Steve begging for beer, which he finally earns.

Steve has an idea for a Led Zeppelin album cover and that turns into a rant about Darius Rucker.

Ben then does a dramatic reading of Craigslist M4M Missed Connections from the Columbia area.

After some meandering and a list we turn over some more CL M4M reading to Steve. See just how much of that you can stand before turning it off.

TJ reads the news/headlines/updates thing and we beg for free tattoos…

Then TJ has to pee so we watch a Lady Red Foxes Soccer Game…Congratulations to them for their victory over Darlington High.